Hooks Home Bound  Rescue Pre-adoption Holds

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      After initial evaluations under the previous two holds, an animal may be placed under a Physical or Mental Hold. This hold is for those animals who may have a physical or mental disability and would need special placement into a foster or forever home! 


 A Physical Hold could mean that that particular animal has a physical disability or handicap that may keep it from being placed into a standard home! If you wish to adopt or foster any of these animals you may apply to do so,  but be aware that these animals will need special care.


 A Mental Hold also could be a disability in the mental capacity, or this animal would need special care when placing it into a home. These holds are placed on the animal to ensure proper placement for that animal is followed. Some animals would need to be in a home of their own, no children in the home, or even some other aspect that keeps this animal from a standard home living. You may apply to foster or adopt these animals as long as the disability is clearly covered and the home understands these disabilities clearly.