Hooks Home Bound  Rescue Pre-adoption Holds

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Pre-adoption Holds

Pre-adoption Holds are set on all our animals to keep us helping the animal in every way possible. These holds can range from Legal status to medical or physical disability to mental disability disability. Holds are placed on each of our animals to ensure we follow strict guidelines to care for each and every animal that comes through our rescue! 

        Legal holds are placed on each animal that comes into our rescue as a stray. A stray comes into our rescue as a Street rescue, Desert/Field Rescue, or a standard stray who roam onto our property. These holds are placed on these animals to help our rescue give time to find the proper owner or clear up any legal matter that may be pertaining to that particular animal. These holds can range from 15 days to as long as the legal case is being held. 

           Each of these animals are cared for by us or a volunteer for us, who wishes to step up and foster these great animals! On this hold each and every animal is evaluated for all aspects of medical or mental stability and for us to learn the behavior of each each animal. During this hold only life threatening treatments can be given to the animal unless ordered by the court of law, owner or  even length of this hold. 

           If an animal is part of a court case, a legal hold is automatically placed on that animal. During this time all orders from the courts will be adhered to and the matter kept confidential until all issues in court are at rest. Once all matters are cleared by the courts, with permissions from court, the animal may then be placed available for adoption. 

             If an animal comes into our rescue as a stray, a legal hold will be placed to find its owner. If the owner is found the legal hold will be released with proper verification of ownership and the animal returned. If an owner is not found, after appropriate legal time, the animal will then be placed on a medical hold to ensure all medical aspects are covered for that animal prior to adoption.

               Medical holds are placed on an animal to ensure all medical aspects are covered for that animal. A medical hold can be placed on an animal for something as simple as not having up to date shots, spay/neuter, or a micro-chip or as extreme as a life or death medical emergency. These holds normally are where our rescue ask for your support for the animal who needs medical attention. 

                 Animals placed on this hold can come into our rescue as a stray, owner surrender, or even by owners orders. These animals may possibly be available to be fostered but will not be available for adoption until the medical hold is cleared. 

                 We thank every one who supports each and every one of our animals on Medical Hold. 

         After initial evaluations under the previous two holds, an animal may be placed under a Physical or Mental Hold. This hold is for those animals who may have a physical or mental disability and would need special placement into a foster or forever home! 

           A Physical Hold could mean that that particular animal has a physical disability or handicap that may keep it from being placed into a standard home! If you wish to adopt or foster any of these animals you may apply to do so,  but be aware that these animals will need special care.

             A Mental Hold also could be a disability in the mental capacity, or this animal would need special care when placing it into a home. These holds are placed on the animal to ensure proper placement for that animal is followed. Some animals would need to be in a home of their own, no children in the home, or even some other aspect that keeps this animal from a standard home living. You may apply to foster or adopt these animals as long as the disability is clearly covered and the home understands these disabilities clearly. 

We wish we could place all animals that come into our rescue available for adoption as soon as possible, but we strive to place each and every animal in a proper home suitable to him or her. In placing these holds on the animal we ensure that each animal can and will be placed into a home. These holds ensure to us all animals follow a standard of medical and mental evaluations and we learn what home may be suitable to that animal. Holds are a standard in our rescue we follow for each and every animal. Take a moment to view or share each of our animals on hold as they may need your help. We thank you for supporting these animals in our rescue and hope you will continue to support the animals in need. 

We ask you always to Slow Down And Move Over Rescue At Work.