Hooks Home Bound  Rescue Pre-adoption Holds

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      After initial evaluations under the previous two holds, an animal may be placed under a Physical or Mental Hold. This hold is for those animals who may have a physical or mental disability and would need special placement into a foster or forever home! 


 A Physical Hold could mean that that particular animal has a physical disability or handicap that may keep it from being placed into a standard home! If you wish to adopt or foster any of these animals you may apply to do so,  but be aware that these animals will need special care.


 A Mental Hold also could be a disability in the mental capacity, or this animal would need special care when placing it into a home. These holds are placed on the animal to ensure proper placement for that animal is followed. Some animals would need to be in a home of their own, no children in the home, or even some other aspect that keeps this animal from a standard home living. You may apply to foster or adopt these animals as long as the disability is clearly covered and the home understands these disabilities clearly. 



After the fire at our Rescue, all animals were evaluated to ensure health and safety. Unfortunately the fire caused us to move the animals from our rescue to a new location to start our rescue over and find forever homes for those caught up in the fire! Unfortunately Ellie, upon evaluation, was unable to clear our strict process for placement into a new home! 
Upon the move, our staff was concerned about some popping sounds that were coming from Ellie's rear end! Originally our staff thought it was Hip-dysplasia, but after taking Ellie to our Vet for x-rays and a professional evaluation, we found out otherwise! 

Dr. Jones at ER4Pets did a full evaluation on Ellie to find out what the popping sounds were! During this evaluation Dr. Jones ordered X-rays to be done! From the x-rays we were able to determine that Ellie's hips were perfectly fine, instead her knees were the issue! The right Knee being the worst. 

On the following pictures you will see the X-rays for Ellie.

X-ray of Ellie's Hips show perfect structure and positioning 

X-Ray of rear end of Ellie showed all ok until you look closely at her knees!

This is a Blown up portion of the right Knee on Ellie. You can see bone fragments all around the knee cap and back of the knee. With further evaluation it was found that Ellie's knees are turned sideways (which is causing bone fragments and arthritis)

Unfortunately both knees are turned! Ellie's right knee is the worst. Both knees also show signs of severe arthritis.

As you can see in the 3rd picture, there are bone fragments on the outside of the knee joint! These bone fragments are from the bone chipping away from the hock as Ellie tries to jump and play!

At this point the only option for full recovery is surgery to both knees. Currently the estimate for surgery on each knee is $2500! This price does not include any physical therapy, medications or transport costs!

The process for a full recovery is a long and  stressful time for all of us!!

When funds for the first surgery are cleared, a surgery date for Ellie's right knee will be set! 

Ellie will then be put into a cast and physical therapy will be started! 

Once physical therapy has certified Ellie is strong enough in her right knee to walk on her own, surgery will be set for her left knee and physical therapy started again.

Once Physical Therapy has cleared her a final time, a new evaluation with her vet will hopefully clear her for adoption!

The whole process for both surgeries, physical therapy and a full recovery will be a minimum of 1-2 years! Once she has been cleared by her vet, she will be available to find her forever home! 

Foster Home applications are being accepted. If you are interested in fostering Ellie please fill in an application here.

If you wish to donate to Ellie you may do so direct to her vet: Dr. Jones at ER4Pets 

or by clicking the donate link below.